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Your very own university degree with no hassles of any kind.


working VISA,

further education,

better job prospects,

higher earning power,

teaching potential,

appreciation for your mastery

are just some of the benefits of holding a college degree.

* The job you always wanted
* No Class Attendance
* Prestige
* Sense of accomplishment
* Higher Earnings

* Verifiable by any legal authorities

Service of Notarization or Apostle

for transcript and degree available !
No coursework required, yet 100% legal !


Few words from the streets

In my field of work, the concurrency is still quite tough. Having even a bachelor's, put me in our cold corporate spreadsheets above my colleagues. I have managed to put it even through local state's governance with ease :) Now, it's my time to put a leverage in salary negotations..

Riccardo M.,

BSc. in IT Management

I have been trying for years to teach English overseas. Although I have years of experience back in my home country, and am a professional, I was unable to get a work permit issued. It was charming doing business with you pals. Transcripts were superior, degree was perfect. I would recommend anyone to use this service. Its fast, easy and overall gorgeous ! It got me to teach English overseas which I wanted to do for a long time.

Joshua S., BSc. in English

My wife got me a Ph.D for my birthday. I did not really know what to do with it. And I was thinking: "What the hell.. Just use it." So I added the Ph.D to my name. And I tell you... Doors just opened for me. I did not use it to get a job. As for the job I have, is really great. I remember going to our local sports club. Before I was usual a champ, but now its "Sir this" and "Sir that". I could not believe how easy it was. So from my side I wish you guys and the best of luck. I am really thankful.

Anthony M., PhD in Business

We know what it takes to enhance your salary and life. Our unique approach to services and top quality schools we represent  - it’s a beginning of a new adventure !

Tired of being passed over for promotion because you don’t have an university degree? And you know you can do the job.

Even better then someone that has papers for it. A gap to prove yourself.

You have two ways out. Try again for some other interview or "Rebrand" yourself.


Graduates earn more. It’s a known fact that a college graduate earns on average $1,800,000 more over their lifetime.

Creating a Brighter Future, together...

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"One must acquire the courage to make the difficult decisions that no one else will make and this will help you to climb the ladder of success."

 Dr Anil Kumar Sinha

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