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All of our orders are processed online through our secured checkout process provided by our platform Wix. Wix Payments use standard 256-bit SSL/TLS encryption, to protect your personal details during the online transaction process. Through a partnership with payment gateway Stripe, we can also bring you a possibility to pay with AliPay !

We also proudly accept all major credit cards and Bitcoin.

In further case of hesitation, we do offer an option to pay 50% with an order and 50% after a delivery of the product. We consider it a fair solution and in the case of your unsatisfaction, we will just delete your student record and you can discard the revoked diploma.

None of the universities or colleges we use advertise their “alternative” services anywhere else.
The name of the institution is only revealed once you graduate to ensure a confidential service for all clients.

Rest assured though, all institutions we deal with use the word “university” in their name and do hold a current university license.

100% money back guaranteed ! The guarantee applies to cases, where there is any problem with our products or services.