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Get the chance to work, travel, learn, meet new & different people and most importantly, earn a great salary! Anywhere...🌎

Let's get China as an example. Monthly salary for English teacher in China is more than 3000$, while life expenses are low.

But how do you get to this point? A few years ago it was possible to teach in China with just a TEFL certificate or by being a native English speaker.

As Chinese laws evolved, so did the requirements to teach in China!

The most important thing you will need is a degree in English language studies from a native-speaking country.

We have partnered with a few agencies over the last 2 years and we proudly offer you this exclusive offer:

Sichuan province is the gateway to Tibet and more, including an amazing Chinese culture 🇨🇳

We provide placements in schools from kindergarten up to college level. 
1 year contract. Competitive salary. 
From 2600 USD to 4000 USD a month, 4 hours per day.
We will assist you with all that's needed for the Chinese Work Visa. You will have the working Z visa before you leave your home country.

Contact: Through our web-chat feature, WhatsApp or contact form below.

1. 20/22 classes a week, relaxed schedule 
2. Accommodation or housing stipend given
3. Free meals at school 
4. Free flight to China from anywhere in the world !
5. Z-type work visa assistance 
6. Free TEFL course sponsorship
7. Continual support and assistance from UK and South African office
8. Arrival assistance, SIM card and bank account arranged
9. Mandarin classes provided 
10. Local foreign management team

11. Bachelor degree for life, when needed !


Ensure you allow around 3 weeks to complete the process; Our clients should begin this process immediately after receiving their hard copy degree certificate.


* The notarization and legalization process differs from country to country